Michael Chua is middle aged executive, Ian Lee, man ordinaire, with a fear of growing old.

Michael, a popular local actor, has appeared in over 200 productions but is most well known for the father role in the touching short clip entitled The Gift which had garnered more than 20 million online hits. He has also won the Best Actor awards for his roles in Hentak Kaki and Detour.

Vanessa plays Megan, sweet, young wife of Ian Lee with a 4 year old preschooler daughter, Erin.

Vanessa is an outgoing and confident young actress who has 9 years background in theatre. She has co-written a theatre production whilst in a theatre and event production company in her college years. In the recent years, she has been casted in more than 15 short films, multiple TV commercials and has done various roles for TV dramas for Channel 5, Channel 8 and Suria.


Toni plays Ian's difficult boss, Hilary, with a hard surface that belies her sensual inner being.

Toni Ravelo comes from Miami, Florida USA and has been in Singapore for the past two years. She holds a B.S. in Theatre Performance and M.S. in Entertainment Business Her passion for the entertainment industry has given her a rich career both in front and behind the camaera. She's worked as an actress, production coordinator, produer, and most recently in a corporate setting where she helps executives with their on camera and stage presence. In her free time she enjoys scuba diving throughout Southeast Asia and blogging about her adventures and travels.

Richard is Dr Charles Moore, childhood buddy of Ian with a dark secret.

Richard Muru graduated with a B.A. in Mass Comm from the Oklahama City University, USA. Acted freelance in radio and television dramas and short films ranging from students programs to various genres from 1972 to current. Apart from dramas RIchard has also hosted youth infotainment programs on television. Richard has also worked as a Floor Manager on recorded and live television programs. He was appointed as Executive Producer and Panel Director for a series of Tamil musical variety programs from 2003 to 2006 for Vasantham Central, Mediacorp. He also acted as the detainee Rajendran in Hentak Kaki.