Marrie Lee is known as Singapore's first female international movie star.

Marrie (as she's commonly called in the film community), came into film business in December 1976 when she was spotted by a Hong Kong film producer. She played a police officer in the film "Showdown at the Equator".

Another opportunity through a newspaper landed her the role of Interpol agent Cleopatra Wong in the film "They Call Her Cleopatra Wong". She reprised the role in the next few Cleopatra films, "Dynamite Johnson", " Asean Five, Codename the Destroyers" and "Devil's Angels".

Marrie dropped out of the film scene and was only reunited with her mentor, producer and director Bobby A. Suarez in 2005. They were in discussion to make a reboot of "Cleopatra Wong" when Bobby passed away in 2010. Marrie felt compelled to fulfill his dying wish and to carry on his legacy. As a stepping stone to fulfilling this, she formed a passion group "Reel Frenz" where people from all walks of life come together and collaborate to make films. Reel Frenz is also her way of giving back to the film community.

Her objective now is to follow Bobby's footsteps, to make commercially viable films within reasonable budgets for the international audience.

Marrie has produced and directed 12 short films since March 2013. Certified Dead marks Marrie's first international feature film debut.

Betty Pebbles, a self proclaimed "by default" member of Reel Frenz and involved in all of RF's projects, mainly because she is the sister of Marrie Lee. She learns everything on the job and rises to the occasion every time there is a shortfall in costume or makeup crew.

When our special make up artist was not able to join for the last few months, Betty learnt special make-up spontaneously (from Youtube) and did the "continuity critical" scar on the lead character's face.

Marrie claims that having Betty on each project frees her mentally to pursue the strategic areas without worrying about the backroom problems.

"Betty is actually the backbone behind the throne. " says Marrie. "She is also fastidious with the management of the equipment, props and records.



A mass communication graduate from Oklahoma City University, and in international marketing from Singapore Institute of Management, Aileen is fascinated with film making ever since she joined Reel Frenz three and a half years ago.

Her keen interest earned her a Producer and Independent FilmMaker Diploma from the HOLLYWOOD Film Institute in 2012.

She has been Line Producer for all of Reel Frenz's 12 short film projects and Certified Dead, learning and picking up skills while on the job. She challenged herself, playing key character roles in some of the films as well.

She also wrote and produced a play "The Pilgrim" in 1988.

Aileen is currrently on the marketing team for the promotion and sales of Certified Dead.

Wong Mun Ping is an engineer by profession, but he is passionate about filmmaking and achieving excellence. Mun Ping is one of the pioneers of Reel Frenz and has been involved in every one of its film projects in the last 3 years.

He is an artist not only through a lens but with the pencil as well. A brilliant artist, he believes in telling beautiful stories, with beautiful images and uses darkness as a canvas to paint with light.



Ami Aripin has been editing for over a decade. She started out as an assistant editor and worked her way up to editing documentaries for both local and international broadcasters. In recent years, Ami has shifted her focus from factual programming to fiction and is always on the lookout for the next great story to cut.

TV credits: 'Inside: Sumo Kids' (National Geographic), '7 Wonders of China' (Discovery), 'Lonely Planet's Best In China' (TLC), 'Thaksin Shinawatra' (A+E), 'A Singaporean Abroad' (CNA), 'Pursuit of Champions' (Starhub) and 'Avenue 13' (OKTO).

Film credits: 'My Dad At The 129th Tunnel' & 'Certified Dead'


Founder of Bronco Media House, a boutique video production house to short films, underwater cinematography and documentary production, Phang has a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering and a Master degree in Management of Technology .

Trained in "Acting for Film" and "Power Directing" by Mr. Jeremiah Comey and by Academy Award Winner (Scared Straight), Mr Arnold Sharpiro, Mr Rob Draper (HD Production & Cinematography) and Mr Barry Green (DVCPro HD Operations)




Johanna is passionate about people, places and world cinema.

Her keen observation and an eye for details makes her a much desired "continuity" person.

Self-taught in filmmaking, she worked as second assistant director, script supervisor and set design coordinator on the "Certified Dead" feature film.

She has contributed to several short films in Singapore and in the USA and continues to support her favorite past time in any way she can which includes ideas on scripts and being a contributor in post production decisions.



Cindy Chak began her stint in the film industry as a cast playing the lead female role in a silent film 'Hat Yoga' (2010) for the 48HR Film Competition. Her passion of getting involved in the arts and films had inspired her to co-organize scriptwriting activities for the Singapore Writers Meetup Group, prior to joining Reel Frenz as a crew member of the Certified Dead film project.

Having graduated with a bachelor in Computing, Cindy started her career as a software developer. While working on various web development projects from 2005 to 2006, she discovered her forte in the creative and service industries which motivated her to take on positions as a technical writer, editor and currently HR professional. Her cross industry experience and skills have equipped her to contribute to the project as one of the core team members.


Matthew Chung A recent graduate of McMaster University, Matthew Chung holds an Honours Bachelors of Music. During his schooling, he has had the privilege of studying music theory and composition under William Renwick and piano under concert pianist Alexei Gulenco.

Since the formation of ScoreSound with his childhood friend Marko Koumoulas, Matthew has had the opportunity to score many award-winning and commercial works both domestically and internationally.

Some of his notable works include Hunt for the Mad Trapper, which was nominated for 5 Leo awards and the web series Someone Not There, which received 9 awards from the L.A Web Fest, including best score.

In his spare time, Matthew runs an in-home music school with his partner Lucia which services most of southern Ontario, trades Canadian sourced products abroad with his brother, goes on his friends' film sets to test their food and binge watches tv shows that his girlfriend suggests, which he pretends to hate but secretly loves.

Matthew currently serves on the board of directors for the Canadian Music for Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization which is in partnership with Pathways to Education and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton/Burlington. The organization provides educational and therapeutic services through music.


Marko is a young, energetic and versatile musician known for his quirky innovation, creativity, intriguing compositions, and dynamic stage presence.

Known primarily as a composer, Marko is also a multi-instrumentalist. He has many years of experience playing bass, guitar, saxophone, and the didgeridoo. His interest in the didgeridoo has developed into a deeper appreciation of Aboriginal culture and music. Marko's exposure to a wide variety of musical genres and traditions has provided him with a unique perspective on compositional elements and styles.

Completing an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University in 2014, Marko has had the privilege of studying composition and musical performance under Matt Brubeck, David Lidov, Al Henderson, Lorne Lofsky, Barry Elmes and many more.

His interest in composition led him into film music, which, along with his childhood friend Matthew Chung, began the formation of his company ScoreSound. Some of his notable works include the film, Hunt for the Mad Trapper, which was nominated for 5 Leo awards and the web series, Someone Not There, which received 9 awards from the L.A Web Fest including Best Score.


ET grew up with a fascination for moving images and is extremely passionate about cinema. Trained in the College of Fine Art, Sydney, he has worked on countless film projects in Sydney and in Singapore in almost every department imaginable, but has always called the camera department home.

He has worked as a free-lance stills photographer, and is currently the Director of Photography in Singapore based production house, The Atlas Collective.

ET believes that aesthetics plays an integral part of the story-telling process and is always striving to push the boundaries of cinematography.


Ian has had a keen interest in all things creative, in particular photography and motion picture. An eye for detail that enabled him to be able to zoom in and capture many-a-moment.

Ian went professional in 2010. Since then, he has progressed from stills photography to timelapse videos that have been seen the world over, and then to his first Director of Photography role for a Singapore produced feature film which was filmed in Japan, Shodoshima in August 2015.

He has since filmed and edited several projects including interviews for SEA Games, TVCs, weddings, he was Director of Photography for several short films and also acted in some as well. He continues to look for new challenges and opportunities where he can contribute his expertise.




Jason is a self-taught filmmaker who believes that filmmaking is his true calling, one that will allow him to express fully his thoughts and philosophy of life.

Jason has had a great love for food and film from young age. At 15 years old, he watched Jamie Oliver cook up simple and easy Italian recipes on television and decided he wanted to learn how to cook like him.

He enrolled, without hesitation, as a pioneer student in Temasek Polytechnic's then-new Culinary and Catering Management course, which was designed to train students in the culinary field. He worked in various F&B establishments throughout his school years even until after completing NS.

He then joined the real estate industry at the tender age of 23, satisfying a strong curiosity for the intricacies of the field and learning about how the industry worked.

After 2 years, his passion for film started to manifest itself again. Having observed a couple friends make YouTube videos, he decided to dive headfirst into film-making. Apart from a summer program at USC, Jason has had no formal education in filmmaking. But as they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way. He voraciously reads books from the library and watches online videos and old films to learn as much as he can about the craft.

Being a strong believer in learning on the job, he continuously seeks out work experience to arm himself with relevant skills and abilities. He has made 5 short films of his own and harbors dreams of making films for millions. At the moment, Jason is an assistant producer at local production house Upside Down Concepts.


Originally from Los Angeles, Kevin began his journey into sound for film and television back in 1985, working on actual film, with sprockets, on such classics like Missing In Action 3 starring Chuck Norris and Stan Winston's directorial debut, Pumpkin Head, for which he spent 3 hours screaming into a Nagra production recorder, because the producer was too cheap to hire a walla group for all of the death scenes.

From there his career has run the gamut from Dances With Wolves and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation to multiple episodes of ER, Smallville, West Wing and Malcolm In The Middle, along with lots of other feature and short films as well as movies for television.

When he isn't huddled in front of his workstation, figuring out ways how to make actors and movies sound good, he spends his time walking around the Vancouver seawall with his partner Mauri and his dog, Patrick.

Anything else you might need to know he will happily discuss with you over a glass of wine



Yusuf Alvi is a film and media producer working in Toronto Ontario Canada where he is part owner of Lucky Scoundrel Productions. Yusuf has been involved in the creation of multiple short films, music videos and a feature film.

After completing studies at Humber College in Toronto for Film and Television Production; Yusuf moved onto full-time film work collaborating with brilliant talents in the industry.


Benji - Born and raised in Bancroft, Ontario // CINEMATOGRAPHER & DIRECTOR; music videos, short films, feature films, independant, coporate //PHOTOGRAPHER; portraits, character, fashion, fitness, implied // Partial owner of Lucky Scoundrel Productions; producer, executive producer //Blackmagic URSA Owner // Maintenance Technician at William F. White International // Davinci Resolve digital colorist //


Pawlo Pascual is a graphic designer by profession, filmmaker at heart. He joined ReelFrenz on December 2013 in search of his passion in film in Singapore and was fortunate enough to be part of the young and vibrant community under the guidance of Marrie Lee.

A Communication Arts graduate from the University of the Immaculate Conception, he is also the founder of the University’s art club and head graphic designer for the University’s official news publication: The Collegiate Immaculate (TCI)

His work experiences include: two years in post-production in several broadcast and cable networks in the Philippines and five years of valuable experience in graphic design in Singapore.

Pawlo Pascual has worked on numerous projects with ReelFrenz, including our first feature-length film: Certified Dead. Under the direction of Marrie Lee, he has learned many things and forged many good friendships along the way. He is constantly hopeful for the many challenges and opportunities that await him early in his career.