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A man who drowned comes back as a living dead. Hiding this fact from everyone, he tries to fulfill his bucket list before he runs out of time.
"Doing my boss was never on my bucket list but darn, that was the best sex I ever had" quipped Ian on his private blog.

Meet the May-Dec couple, mid life Ian Lee, man ordinaire and teenage bride Megan Lim. Together they have Erin, a cute 4 year old preschooler. Life is good but Ian is constantly worried that he won't live long enough for his young family. As a result, he fell prey to a new drug experiment conducted by his best friend. It threw his whole life as a devoted husband into complete chaos and he ended up more dead than alive. It was a race against time to do what he needed to before he became food for the maggots

Marrie Lee..."I was hospitalized on July 2013 for a minor stroke. I remember getting no escape from the incessant pounding of the MRI machine , I could do nothing but squeezed my eyes tight, trying to block out the sounds thinking “What if I had died”, My own dad had left us suddenly one early Sunday without leaving a single word. I was 6 then.

I was discharged after 10 days only to be readmitted 4 days later for a non related case, Bell’s Palsy. Half of my face had dropped. I thought it was a second stroke. The second hospitalization was an even bigger wake up call. As I lie through that second incessant MRI, I told myself, when I get out, I am going to start work on that script immediately. No more procrastination. It was a challenge writing a story on a mundane subject like death without boring the audience so I put in all the little elements to lighten the story ; romance, sex, tears, comedy, family values. Certified Dead is a drama that pulls on your heart strings, with the ability to coax a laugh or make you feel romantic about your partner.

It is an ambitious move but I wanted a story that has something for everyone. I want very much to bring our Singapore local sights and culture to our overseas friends, show our Singapore version of ghost busters and share the colorful wake of a local funeral where the only similarity cross borders is sadness."